Content can be written in various markup languages (currently Markdown, reStructuredText, and Textile), with a YAML header, separated by 3 hyphens alone on a line. For example:

title: Sample Post
author: Mike Cooper <mythmon@gmail.com>
The content of the page.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec
pellentesque, est non hendrerit mattis, arcu nibh venenatis sapien, quis
porta sem libero placerat magna. Suspendisse condimentum turpis fringilla
ligula porta vestibulum et ut sem. Cras hendrerit pulvinar metus at

For more details on how to work with renderers, see the docs about renderers.


These are the variables that affect the rending, layout, and categorization of pages in the YAML metadata.


Categories in wok can be treated as a tree, where every node is a page. There are no seperate categories and pages, there are just pages, and sub-pages, and sub-sub-pages, etc. For more infomation, see the category docs.

Syntax Highlighting

wok can use Pygments to do syntax highlighting. It will be automatically enabled if you mark a block of text as code, and assign it a language. Marking a block of text is different in each mark up language.

For more details, see how to do it in each renderer here.